FREE - Bikini Screen Wash
Category: Entertainment
Updated: February 9, 2011
Version: 1.0
Size: 6.9M
Language: English
  • GET FREE BIKINI SCREEN WASH to try out the #1 Screen Cleaner with over 8 million screen washes to date.
  • FREE Version includes 1 girl - Upgrade to the full PAID version for 5 girls + 5 washes.
  • Get your phone screen washed by professionally trained women dedicated to your customer satisfaction.
  • + Remove fingerprints from everyday use.
  • + Removes tough stains from a messy meal.
  • + Avoid embarrassing moments when a friend notices a dirty screen.
  • + Enjoy a Screen Wash each night before you go to bed then wake-up each morning to a perfectly clean screen.
  • + 100% organic cleaning products - safe for environment.
  • + 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with a wash, just ask your girl to wash your screen again..and again...and again.
  • This app app does not actually wash or clean your device. However, this app talented model/actress simulating a screen wash.
  • All photos and videos are properly licensed and used with permission from the copyright holder. No
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